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How do I order an item from you?

On our website, select the gear you would like to rent and choose the date that you need them to arrive, and the date you will ship it back. Tell us your shipping address, and place the order. We ship your items via DHL express courier, and will email you a tracking number as soon as we have one. When the gear arrives, open the box and shoot some amazing photos and videos. When your rental period ends, ship the items back to us using the prepaid shipping label. It’s that easy. We do take a deposit on our orders by blocking an amount on your credit card for the duration of the rental, very much like for a rental car. The deposit is fully refundable on return of the rental items.

Does charge a deposit?

We do take a deposit on our orders by blocking an amount on your credit card for the duration of the rental, very much like for a rental car. The deposit is fully refundable on return of the rental items.

When does my rental begin?

Your rental begins on the day that you specified as the Start Date while ordering the items. This is the day when you will receive your package. If you are unsure of being available during the day at the specified delivery address, DHL provides many proximity delivery/pick-up points where you can pick-up your package. You will need to activate this possibility when you receive the confirmation email from DHL/us with your tracking number. Click on the link to change the delivery address and follow the instructions.

When does my rental end?

Your rental ends on the day that you specified as the End Date while ordering your items. You will need to call DHL in the morning of the End Date in order for them to pick-up the item at the right location. For example, if you have chosen to try a camera from July 3rd to July 10th, you must ship the items back on July 10th using the prepaid return label and tracking sheet provided in the box along with your items.
DHL provides many proximity drop-off points where you can drop-off your package if you are unsure about your exact location when you need to return the package.

May I extend my rental?

You may extend your rental if the item is not currently reserved for another customer. Please contact us by email, phone or WhatsApp to determine if your rental may be extended.

May I take my rental abroad?

Yes, you may take your rental items abroad. Also, our full insurance covers our rented equipment worldwide.

What if I have gear questions? Will you help pick the best gear for me?

At we take pride in our photographic knowledge and are always happy to help. Contact us with all your camera and lens questions.

Can I rent something I don't see on the website?

ALL the gear we stock is on our website, but if you want to rent something you don’t see on the site, or inquire about future availability, contact us and we’ll see if we can make it happen.

What happens if I ship the items later than the return date?

If you’ve already asked us for an extension, and we’ve notified that an extension is possible, then you can continue using the items until the newly extended return date. Otherwise, for any unnotified delayed returns, we charge double the daily rate (2X) of the rental items for every day until the items get shipped back. This is to ensure that other customers, like you, will get their rental items on time.

What is’s cancelation policy?

You may cancel your order up to 24 hours prior to order shipment (your order leaves our warehouse two business days before your start date). Failure to do so will result in a 1 day rental charge (prorated off the 3 days rate). Please note – for orders canceled within 24 hours prior to shipment and for orders canceled that have already shipped, no part of the rental fee will be refunded.

What is the minimum rental period?

We offer rentals for a minimum of 3 days. Days are counted from the day the shipment is delivered to you – most often in the morning or early afternoon as per your availability. And your rental is ending the 3rd day by 5:00pm latest to ensure that DHL can pick-up the items, or that you have time to bring the package back to a DHL proximity drop-off location.
For example, you rented for 3 days from Monday, return will have to be done by 5:00pm on Wednesday.

Do you deliver orders on week-end?

We do not deliver or pick-up equipment on Saturday, Sunday or public holidays. If you plan a shoot for a week-end, we will need to deliver on Friday.
And best part of all, Sunday, rental is free.

Do you offer discounts for rental on week-end?

Yes, we do not charge anything for Sunday. If your rental period includes a Sunday, this day will not be charged at checkout.

Do you offer discounts for long rental periods?

Yes, the minimum rental period is 3 days, but we do offer discounts for longer rental periods. The longer you rent from us, the cheaper it gets. This is automatically calculated in the price displayed. Our pricing structure is very attractive for longer term rentals.

Purchase and payment

Purchase and payment

What forms of payment does accept? accepts the following major credit cards: Visa, Master Card and American Express. We do not accept prepaid cards, cash, check, money orders, or COD.

When is my card charged?

Your credit card will be charged for the rental amount as soon as your booking is confirmed at reservation time. In case of cancellation of your reservation within the period of free cancellation, the payment will be reversed on your credit card and will appear on your card balance within one to three weeks depending on your credit card company.
For deposit, we will block just before shipment the deposit amount specified at the time of the booking. This is a pre-authorization only and not a charge. This deposit will be automatically released upon return of the equipment to

Equipment and shipping

Equipment and shipping

Is gear in good condition?

Our gear at is always in perfect working order when you receive it. When a rented item is returned to us, we clean, test and calibrate every item. Our technicians test every item before shipping them off to you. If you ever receive an item that is not working or was damaged in shipment please contact us immediately.

What comes with a camera rental?

Included with every camera you try will be the camera body, body cap, neck strap, battery and charger. Extra batteries and memory cards can be added when you place your order.
All these items are listed in the packing list including in your shipment.

What comes with a lens rental?

Every lens you rent will have both front and rear caps, as well as a carrying bag. Please note only professional lenses will come with a lens hood. If you need help determining if the lens you would like to try comes with the hood please contact us.

How much is shipping?

Shipping charges are calculated at checkout and depend on the delivery location as well as the weight/size of the items you are renting. Typically, you will see that shipments are charged 11€ to 17€. This includes the return. Please use the printed return label and contact the DHL courier company for pick-up at your selected location.
We are able to achieve these incredible shipping prices thanks to the size of the business we have with DHL in Europe and the Middle-East.

Can I have my order sooner than 2 days?

For orders placed before 1pm, we can deliver them next business day by 5pm in most locations across Europe. Contact us to get confirmation that the service is available in your location.

What shipping carriers does ship with?

We ship out all orders via DHL Express courier.
We are able to achieve incredible shipping prices thanks to the size of the business we have with DHL in Europe and the Middle-East.

Is signature required?

Yes, signature is required upon delivery of all orders for security purposes.

Does ship internationally?

Yes, in all European Union countries. We do not ship outside European Union however. But you can take your gear with you anywhere you like.

Can ship to a PO box address?

We do not ship to PO boxes addresses.

Can you ship my order to my hotel?

Yes we can, as long as there is someone to sign for the items on your behalf when they arrive.

What if my package doesn't contain all the items I ordered?

We hope to never make this mistake, but if we miss packing one of the items or accessories in your order please contact us right away, and we will make arrangements to get the item to you right away.

I received a notification saying I should update the firmware on my gear. What should I do?

Do not update the firmware. The update can cause malfunctions if not done properly, and we’d like you to get the most out of your rental. Our specialists will take care of it once the gear comes back to us.

How do I return the items I rented?

It’s simple! Just use the prepaid return label supplied in your order and the box you received from us. Then call the DHL at the number mentioned on the return instructions and use the return label for a pick-up at your address, home, office or hotel. You can also go online on the DHL website, at the address specified in the return instructions included in the box, and confirm your pick-up address and the preferred time of the day. When shipping back your gear, please remember to include all pieces of foam to prevent any damage in transit on its way back to us. If items are returned without the foam, you will be responsible for any damage done to the gear as well as the missing piece(s) of foam.

What if I receive damaged gear?

Our packaging has been carefully selected and tested to ensure ultimate protection for our gear. Consisting of shipping-grade corrugated cardboard boxes and foam inserts with minimum 5cm of protection on each side, our boxes were developed to ensure your item is delivered in the same tip-top condition it was sent out in, and provide a safe trip on its way back to us.

If you notice any damage or issues upon receiving your gear, please contact us within 24 hours, so we know not to charge for the damage when we get the items back in our warehouse. If you fail to report damage to us within a 24 hour time frame, you will be liable for any necessary repairs.

What if I forget to send an accessory or item back in my box?

Things happen. We get it. When we notice an item missing while checking the contents of a returned box, we charge the replacement value for the missing item to the card on file. We also send an email to let you know, and if you’re able to find the item, we issue a full refund once we receive it. Please be sure to send the item back within 15 days of receiving an email from us. If we do not receive it within 15 days, then no refund will be given since we’ve already replaced the item.

We should be using a service that provides tracking. Also, be sure to include your order number in the package when shipping back. Please contact us if you have any questions about this.

Insurance and damage


Does provide insurance?

Yes, all equipment is covered by insurance and as such your liability is limited to 250€ in case of damage to the equipment.

What is the insurance coverage?

The insurance is a full coverage with a deductible of 250€ in case of claim. It effectively limits your exposure to that amount of 250€ in case of any accidental damage to the equipment.
Coverage starts from the moment you receive the equipment from DHL till the moment the equipment is given back to DHL.
Coverage is worldwide and you are covered in case you travel abroad. Coverage is for ordinary negligence and accidental damage.

You are NOT covered for
– Camera sensor damage caused by exposure to the Sun
– Intentional damage;
– Damage arising from reckless or grossly negligent use of the equipment;
– Damage caused by abnormal or abusive use of the equipment.

You are NOT covered in case of abuse of trust, embezzlement, fraud or extortion.

Damaged equipment should be returned to in all cases for the insurance policy to take effect.

In case of equipment theft by a 3rd party, the insurance company will require additional verification, such as police reports and other documents.

What is the cost of the insurance?

This comprehensive insurance is part of the rental fee and there is no additional charge for it.

What is the insurance company covering gearbox?

We use AXA Insurance, a leading insurance company in Europe.


What is my equipment is damaged during use?

These situations unfortunately happen. Your equipment is covered by a comprehensive insurance policy limiting your liability to a maximum of 250€.
In case of damage, return the equipment to us, we will get a quote for repair. If the repair cost is above 250€, we will introduce an insurance claim and keep 250€ from your original deposit amount.
If the repair is less than 250€, we will deduct the repair from your deposit amount.

Can’t find it here? Please contact us for more information.